The will to be or not to be

The will to be or not to be people taking happiness from all four parts of their money : monetary, financial, taxmatic and spiritual 

As Google-Alphabet is working for humanity wellbeing, the money processing to give folks one-click-motor-for-savings could become a challenge for universocial economic upgrade on Internet Era

The will to be or not to be, or the #googledepending the will to give birth to the Universocial US$ digital $

The launch and support of the money data-valuation practice, as the fourth economic gesture allowing people to create properties of personalized digital savings 

The property of digital savings objects insure capital gains at a time market and a capacity to multiply money without gaming, riskless and free of all costs.

For people, all is organized by WUW The Webcash Universocial Web based on the inscription of your personal identity  at  WUW's ledger legitimation  and timestamped activity registration.

After validation, the code for downloading the app PSH-Personal Savings Helper is delivered for free use of the money data-valuation practice.

From then, you can trigger the smart contract to start your BPaaS - Business Process as a Service which accomplish  computacional guidance of the WUW's algorithm serving to each person the #webcashmatic results every day. 

Your Business Process start to run forever free on Google's Cloud Platform is appropriate and automatized if Google-Alphabet accept to fertilize with it technical structure energizing the web upgraded economic space  where runs each PSH-Personal-Savings-Helpler making multiplied cash results, capital gains, force to save and freedom enjoy.

That's why, money #data-valuation practice, can be or not to be, on #googledepending as Google's wil.  

Prediction to folks infinite wealth

Prediction on treatments of money data is the science field that is developed as derivative of the money data-valuation practice as described on the paper Economy 4G3W.

Here we propose the fusion of prediction methods from science extractions working on the launch of the investment's substitute allowing capital gains in cash phase it means out of risk.

The option to guide money for processing it data achieving day #webcashmatic results on 4 utilities :

1. Monetary field ;

2. Financial field ;

3. Webtaxmatic field ;

4. Mind-freedom field.

that merge in one fourth economic gesture forming the challenge #googledepending to get the upgrade into Economy 4G3W post Internet.

US Fed and Google let you make the digital dollar, as much as your savings helper can bring to you day after day

How #googledepending pollinator may helps FED for digital$ launch 230522 work

Coming soon...from wuw's labs